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Updated on Oct 15, 2013
heather gray tank top cotton on top - blue tartan grandpas shirt
Blue-tartan-grandpas-shirt-periwinkle-denim-levis-shorts Heather-gray-tank-top-cotton-on-top-blue-tartan-grandpas-shirt
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RJanine 's Thoughts:

We only have one life.
In my 22 years of existence, I have learned that living my life should neither be playing it safe nor going full blown risky. It should be a balance of both worlds. My father taught me that opportunities in life come knocking only once (with the small chance of them knocking twice). For that, I have to take risks. Grabbing opportunities require me to take a plunge and find out if there would be warm pleasant water waiting for me, or the not-at-all-impossible ice cold one.
Even so, we have to pause and think for a sec. Then we have to ask ourselves if our decisions will be good for us and the people we value around us.
Everyone has their own unique set of priorities, but what I learned from living with my family, is that our loved ones always come first.
When I get hurt, my parents are hurt twice as much, and vice versa. (don’t even get me started with my brother. even if we often bicker so much, I will protect him til I’m dead)
We have to always be careful about the things we say or do around our loved ones. If you’re troubled, they just want to help, so don’t push them away. It cuts like a thousand knives when you want to help someone you love so much, but that someone pushes you away. what should you do? DON’T give up. Besides, if you really love that someone, there’s no need to tell you to not give up, because you naturally won’t.
My loved ones are the only people I can trust.
Not all friends are real friends. The kind who’d be with you even through the toughest of times and will forgive you an infinite number of times.
When you find people like that, you keep them forever. I found that not only in my family, but also in a small amount of friends, and especially my other half.
Struggles are part of life. Life wont be life without them. we just have to always keep in mind what’s most important.
NEVER give up. DON’T push people away. Value the love you receive. Be sensitive to other people’s feelings as you are to yourself. There’s no point for hatred; don’t entertain it. Just cherish what you have now. Count your blessings. Remember that you only live once. We have the power to choose. Choose to live your life well.

P.S. The Philippines (Visayas Region) was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake today. Condolences to the families who lost loved ones. My prayers go to everyone there now.


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CarefreeContessa on December 05
cool shades!
CarefreeContessa on November 10
cute shirt
stellarqueen on October 15
nice look!
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