Cutting Glass

Updated on Oct 07, 2008
SWORD jacket - forever 21 jeans - united colors of benetton t-shirt - Steve Madd
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aliwishesbear 's Thoughts:

Both my friends living in other cities happened to visit this weekend! We had a great time catching up and bar hopping a bit.

I decided to wear almost all black which is unlike me. I rarely wear black, but I’m starting to love these black jeans, if only they weren’t so thin.

Now on to the title of this entry. I wore this same shirt a few months ago to a bar/burlesque show.

And upon entering my friend’s house I got:

“You could cut glass with those,” said male friend S.
“Yeah they’re sooooo pointy…you must be so cold,” said female friend S.
“Oh my do you want some band aids before you cut through your shirt,” said female friend S.
“I tried to look away but they’re like just THERE,” exclaimed male friend S.

So it when for about 10 minutes. The debate over whether or not I could cut glass with the nipples showing through my shirt. Yes, I was guilty of not wearing a bra. No, a bra would not have fit under my off the shoulder backless very thin knit top with excellent drape. Did it a need a 10 minute discussion and ensuing harassment by both my male and female friends? I think not.

Are nipples really that big of an issue? I see them all day and all night in fashion magazines, runway pictures, and models in general just hanging out and being photographed. Yes I know I am not a model and 6 feet tall, but I can pretend to be.

Have they never seen a nipple? These are adults approaching, if not over the age of 30. Do they not know that EVERYONE, even themselves, has nipples?

I never understood the big deal of my lack of bra that night. I think what’s worse is wearing a backless low cut top/dress with a regular nude bra (obviously not meant to see the light of day) and HOPE that no one will notice that you can see more of the bra than the top/dress. A pet peeve I’ll have to rant about later.

Are my friends ultra conservative? Am I more comfortable with my body than they are therefore they feel the need to point like a bunch of 10 year olds?

About the outfit…I happen to love this shirt for the drape and shape and its very comfortable and cool for a humid night out.

You be the judge….

On a side note this past weekend when I wore this shirt out w/ my visiting friends no one said a word…nada, nothing, not a whisper….maybe they are more mature.

Comments (13)

mi7esng on April 12
nice jeans!
mzkris on February 03
great jacket! it really fits u
TheStylishWanderer on January 23
simple i like it
TheStylishWanderer on January 23
simple i like it
raynbow73 on October 22
love it!
joannaladrido on October 08
i love the fit of that jacket!
aliwishesbear on October 14
Yeah me too its so hard finding one that fits right
BadTasteToast on October 08
you have the perfect legs for these jeans! nice outfit <3
aliwishesbear on October 14
Aww thanks...this is probably only the second time I've worn skinny jeans, I didn't think I could pull it off
ennerad on October 08
i've got the nipple commentary quite a bit. people point and stare and nudge one another. i mean, 30+ people. but, whatever. we're mammals, we have nipples. deal with it. and cut some damn glass!
aliwishesbear on October 14
hahaha glad I'm not the only one!
_Babylon_ on October 08
I love it!
joannaladrido on October 08
i love tht shirt!
Laura on October 07
simple & chic :D i love it! and that shirt <3
GirlAboutTown on October 07
I love the draped shirt!
ferociacoutura on October 07
love the leather jacket.
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